Plaster and Reclaimed Timber Site Model.

IMG_1713 IMG_1710

Site models can take a long time to make, and students must weigh up the effort that goes in against the benefit it has to their design processes. Recently the Third year students are working on housing proposals in the context of residential areas around the city. Most of these sites have many Victorian terraces and students have been taken the time to cut the outhouses from the back of these terraces, this takes a long time and its benefit to the model is questionable. In this Site model the students simplified the terraces and existing buildings to simple pitched lengths of timber. This allowed the students to put more time into the aesthetical finish of the model, white washing the reclaimed timber blocks and making a plaster base to a high finish. I personally feel that the elegant simplicity of this site model allows the students interventions to sing more prominently, and this site model will be used throughout the design process and not just to tick a box.