Oli’s Routed Pin Joint

To put the new CNC router through its first real test we used Olis Rhino model of a sculptural pin joint to test the 3D capabilities of the machine and how it handles cutting woods. As the router can only cut the Z axis vertically it is not possible to do undercuts, therefor the model had to be broken down into 4 separate parts and then reassemble after cutting. The model through up some hurdles that I had not had to cross before, primarily an issue of how to secure the model down when the surrounding material had been cut away; the solution was to build bridges into the Rhino model that secured the model to the main body of timber. Another solution would have been to build a 2mm slither of timber at the base of the model and then band-saw/sand this away after cutting.  The cutting time was around 40 minutes and after gluing and setting the finishing with sandpaper took around 30 minutes. A fairly quick and effective solution which much greater accuracy that hand carving.