Class of 2014 Site Model.

This meticulous site model combines a laser cut site base with timber buildings. The laser cutter is often used as a quick fix, and occasionally from laziness to pick up a scalpel and a cutting mat. The burn the laser cutter leaves on material is also often criticized, but in this case a good attention to detail and smart material choice results in a clean, solid finish. The team spent time to clean up the top surface of the grey board but left the edge black, the burn then highlighted the contours of the site effectively. The team constructed the existing buildings using recycled timber from the workshops store, they sanded these blocks to a very high finish and worked meticulously to get them to fit perfectly into the laser cut site base. The contrasting timber used gives the model a warm character and compliments the cold base perfectly.

There is real joy in seeing scrappy bits of old wood and grey board turn into such a clean, precise model.