Class of 2014, Grey Board Exhibition Model.

50 Shades of Grey?

In the workshop we always try to encourage using the right tool for the job, sometimes however time is not on everyone’s side, hence why the laser cutters are so popular. In this model though, even though time wasn’t on their side the finish and quality of the model was paramount. The truth is if a shape can be cut from a material using a knife then that is always going to win over using a laser cutter.

This site model is huge, the base filled an 1200mm x 2400mm sheet, and every single one of those buildings is hand cut from grey board, the sheer amount of time, care and attention to detail that went into this model is astounding and if I’m being honest, under-appreciated. The roads and building plots were laser cut from 2 shades of grey board and the base cut from a sheet of chipboard. The grey-on-grey-on-grey is industrial and relentless. Amazingly at such a huge size and having so much time and effort go into it, it is still somewhat understated, something I find pleasure in.