Class of 2014 Polystyrene Exhibition Model.

I couldn’t decide which photos to choose so I dumped them all in…

As spoken about in a previous post polystyrene is a very under used material, it can be worked faster than timber and is very clean when worked properly. In this site model the team decided to make the existing site and context all from polystyrene, the base was CNC routed from a 3d .STL file and the buildings were machined in the workshop using the same techniques as you would with timber. The result is a beautiful white model that allows the intervention to stand out and be read so much easier than it would on an all wood model.

The only issue with processes like these are that they look impressive the first time you see them, but unfortunately I have seen many poorer attempts since. Even though the polystyrene will machine much faster than wood it is far less forgiving and will show up any dirt if you are not careful.