Plaster Staircase.

Plaster took off in a big way last year but its a very difficult material to work with and requires a lot of time to set up and clean away,  because of this we are not huge fans of it in the workshop, however when done correctly the results can be beautiful and worthwhile. Runda spent a long time perfecting his methods of casting with plaster and these photos show just how much time goes into making something so simple as these staircases, but as you can see they are worth the effort.

All of Rundas forms are laser cut from MDF or Acrylic, he used the acrylic on the steps because of how easy to pull away from the plaster, but he used MDF on the sides purely because of the cost involved making as many as he did.

The wooden banister was also laser cut from MDF but then sanded down to improve the finish.