Casting Against a Routed Blue Roam Mould

*Note the red former is a replica, the original blue former was destroyed when releasing the cast concrete*

Jo Woffinden gave a fantastic concrete workshop a few weeks ago, where 15 students who are studying concrete in Sandy’s studio experimented with different mixes and form work. Henry was interested in how to create voids from routed moulds. The form was designed on MAX and took only 12 minutes to mill out using a 6mm ball nose and a 1mm step over, the walls of the form were made from 10mm acrylic which gave a shiny finish to the concrete. To get the form away from the concrete it had to be broken apart, it would be interesting to explore processes and materials that meant the mould could be used again and again.

I perticually like how the 1mm step over has been transfered onto the concrete, but maybe I’m alone on that one.