Alex’s Bass Guitar.

I know, this thing has been made a while ago, but maybe it’s worth mentioning on here: Alex has started this bass as a part of his thesis, but it didn’t get finished until a whole year after that… The start of it was the ash wooden block 2D routed on the old CNC machine to cut out the profile of the body, then gluing those to the maple neck, and a lot of spokeshaving and sanding followed… Months of it, until the shape was right! You be the judge of the weird design, but for the owner it seems to work… The next one to follow will be entirely 3D routed, and will hopefully make an appearance here not to far from now.

For me the time and effort embodied in the body to take it from a 2d routed profile to a beautifully sculpted piece of wood elevates it to something higher, and makes the bond between the guitar and Alex stronger. There is also a joy in the uncertainty of carving, but the efficiency and precision of 3D milling will be an interesting contest.