Alice, Harry and Peter’s Polystyrene and 3D Printed Site Model

In a similar style to a model by Richard Timmins and co. last year; (  Alice, Harry and Peter from 5th year decided to CNC rout the site base from high density white polystyrene, then model the exciting buildings from the same material in the workshop, using traditional wood working machines, (sanders, band-saws, files). The Polystyrene sands surprisingly clean and is a very quick material to work. This approach is far more successful than routing the site and buildings as one job, as the buildings are perfectly smooth and meet the base at a perfect right angle, and avoids the pixelation the rastering of a 3D .STL causes.  Buildings of interest have been 3D printed on the new Makerbot, irritatingly the plastic is off-white and we are yet to know how well it takes spray paint. However the detail of the printed buildings gives them the significance required. The model is currently unfinished, and in the state shown in the final photo, it has taken the 3 of them 3 days to get to this point, not including the time taken to prepare files for the CNC and 3D Printer. I will post an updated post when the model is completed.