Sharps Box.


Sharps boxes are for students to dispose of blades and knives correctly, we brought some new boxes but we needed to find a way to fasten the boxes to the wall in the studio spaces. The solution is very simple but utilised a couple of interesting techniques. Firstly, on AutoCAD I drew out the section of the box about 10mm from the bottom, the container is slightly tapered so would just hold inside the hole. Working around this I drew up the rest of the holder using a box joint to make it strong, the material I would be using was 3mm MDF so the box joints were 3mm to make things simple. After trailing a prototype I began on the graphics. I already had decided that I would be spraying the holder black, (this is because the black burn marks that the laser cutter leaves is aesthetically not pleasant, they are also really hard to paint because paint struggles to adhere to the burn, therefor spraying the product black makes things easy). I used the yellow from the container to make black and yellow warning stripes, the offset of the stripes were informed by the thickness of the letters on the title ‘SHARPS’. The title sharps used an adapted version of the font I used for the Creative Workshop branding that I developed last year. The design was made initially in AutoCAD to get the sizing correct, I then moved to Illustrator for the colouring and text, I then moved back to AutoCAD to export the cut paths. To produce the panel I would print them on plain paper, then laminate and then laser cut them. It might sound excessive to laser cut the panels from paper, but in reality it makes things a lot quicker and sharper; the panels would be exactly the size of the holder they would be glued on to, the two holes hidden behind the container where the holder would be screwed into the wall would line up, its also quicker and I’m lazy and like to get machines to do my work for me. I arranged the panels on the A3 page by mirroring them and having all four against each other, and having the bleed around all four, this was just to speed up cutting time. I used a guide box offset from the panels so I could line up the laser cutter perfectly. After designing and prototyping Jade and Maria helped me to make 40 of the holders. From initial conception through prototyping and production to fastening all 40 to the studio walls was 2 working days.