Introduction to CNC Routing using 2D .DXF Drawings

As all of you have been inducted know, our CNC can process .DXF files and .STL files. .DXF files are for 2D profiling and .STL files are for 3D reliefs. This 3rd year… Continue reading

Casting Against a Routed Blue Roam Mould

*Note the red former is a replica, the original blue former was destroyed when releasing the cast concrete* Jo Woffinden gave a fantastic concrete workshop a few weeks ago, where 15 students who… Continue reading

Blue Foam CNC Contour Model

There’s a million ways to make a site model with a gradient, and there’s no real right or wrong way, but with all model making the success is down to the preparation. This… Continue reading

Asterios Summer Project, The Deceptive Landscape installation.

In the summer we helped with the fabrication and construction of the summer project ran by Asterios Agkathidis and designed by Zhang Yidan, Ye Zhou, Wu Xiaoyun. It was a fairly simple job to CNC… Continue reading

Class of 2014, WW1 Museum CNC Routed Plywood Model.

We had only had the CNC for a couple of months but this project really put myself and the machine through our paces. I could talk for hours about the processes and techniques… Continue reading

New Ball-nose Drill Bits for 3D Milling on the CNC Router

As some of you will know the CNC router can do 2D profile cutting from .DXF files and 3D reliefs from.STL files, (if you want to see some examples of both types, have… Continue reading

Class of 2014, Grey Board Exhibition Model.

50 Shades of Grey? In the workshop we always try to encourage using the right tool for the job, sometimes however time is not on everyone’s side, hence why the laser cutters are so… Continue reading

Plaster Staircase.

Plaster took off in a big way last year but its a very difficult material to work with and requires a lot of time to set up and clean away,  because of this we… Continue reading

Class of 2014 Polystyrene Exhibition Model.

I couldn’t decide which photos to choose so I dumped them all in… As spoken about in a previous post polystyrene is a very under used material, it can be worked faster than… Continue reading

A Creme Egg Holder?

OK OK OK, so it’s not architecture, but back in Easter I brought a Creme Egg because I love Creme Eggs. But the problem with Creme Eggs is where do you keep them… Continue reading