Class of 2014 Site Model.

This meticulous site model combines a laser cut site base with timber buildings. The laser cutter is often used as a quick fix, and occasionally from laziness to pick up a scalpel and a cutting… Continue reading

Class of 2014 Working Site Model.

A working site model made from card. This model was then cut into, had parts removed, new interventions added and drawn all over in order to understand how people and structures would change the… Continue reading

Working With Polystyrene.

Polystyrene is a very underused material in the workshop but can be used to great effects. Here are some of the reasons why you might consider using it; It is very cheap; a 1200… Continue reading

Concrete Casting.

This project started as a 3D Routed STL file cut from polystyrene, then the negative was cast from that (on the right) then the positive was recast in lighter concrete (left). (It’s meant… Continue reading

Bingyangs’ 1:100 and 1:50 Routed model and former.

Bingyangs’ simple but elegant design has been a good project for myself and him to work through in order to learn the capabilities of the router and the correct processes in order to… Continue reading

Plaster/Card/Wire Maquette

Plaster of Paris cast shell with a laser cut card and wire structure.

Oli’s Routed Pin Joint

To put the new CNC router through its first real test we used Olis Rhino model of a sculptural pin joint to test the 3D capabilities of the machine and how it handles… Continue reading

New CNC Router

The CNC router is now fully operational and has already been put through its paces. It has a bed size of 1500mm x 1200mm and can do both 2D profiling and 3D reliefs.… Continue reading

Casting Resin.

  Ben has a fantastic eye for materials and combines things he creates with things he finds to great effect. This project he has been working with concepts of privacy and transparency in housing and… Continue reading

Plaster and Reclaimed Timber Site Model.

Site models can take a long time to make, and students must weigh up the effort that goes in against the benefit it has to their design processes. Recently the Third year students… Continue reading