Timber Site Model of Liverpool Docks.

  The fourth years have currently been working in groups to master plan an area of land beside the proposed ‘Liverpool Waters’ site. Luke and his team decided to mass the existing and… Continue reading

Site Model Failings.

Since a few groups started using plasters and concretes for site models we’ve seen a few re-occurring errors. A cast will only be as good as the form so do take time to… Continue reading

Concrete Site Model.

Since moving students away from solely using the laser cutters to tackle site models we have seen many new and adventurous ways of approaching them, and a new focus on materials and aesthetics has arisen. This… Continue reading

Structural Models for a Wedding Chapel.

A project from semester one to design a wedding chapel was tackled rather successfully by this student who chose to use structural models at two scales to illustrate the construction and assemblages. By… Continue reading

Site Model Mania.

After being closed for several weeks after the Christmas break the workshop is now fully operational. Students suffering from withdrawal symptoms caused by the closure are now getting there fix by firing timber… Continue reading

A New Blog for a New Year.

An online home for all of the creative happenings that go on within the modeling workshop at the Liverpool School of Architecture. Expect site models, massing models, laser cut models, hand made models,… Continue reading