Sharps Box.

  Sharps boxes are for students to dispose of blades and knives correctly, we brought some new boxes but we needed to find a way to fasten the boxes to the wall in… Continue reading

3D Printed Facade.

  Mamoud, a PHD student is looking into light facades. He needed to print different facades for summer and winter, he would then test them is a lab with different lighting environments to… Continue reading

3D Printed Grid Frame and Gnome

  This model is of a hot air balloon factory, where forms are built and then the hot air balloon is pushed out against the frame. Lattices and grid structures are really hard… Continue reading

Complex 3D and 2D Routed Site Model by Danielle, Crissy, and Ellie (Including Drawing Set-Up)

This step by step guide will walk you through how to set up a 3D .STL file and overlay it with a 2D .DXF file to achieve a sloped site base with flat… Continue reading

Third Year Train Station

This student has been coming and going fairly regularly recently, quietly working in the workshop using only simple materials and machinery. He has some what gone under the radar in the workshop, but… Continue reading

Alice, Harry and Peter’s Polystyrene and 3D Printed Site Model

In a similar style to a model by Richard Timmins and co. last year; (  Alice, Harry and Peter from 5th year decided to CNC rout the site base from high density white polystyrene,… Continue reading

Rebecca, Christopher and Simon’s Presentation and Models

The group boasts 3 very talented model makers who all have exceptional patience, attention to detail and software skills to adhere analogue and digital modelling perfectly. The materiality of the presentation ties it… Continue reading

Whole School Project 2015: 6000 Books.

This years whole school project saw 6000 old books being delivered to the school. Every student was given 10 books each and were told to team up in order to build something bigger.… Continue reading

Peng Cheng, Jiaxin, Haoming and Jingya’s Laser Cut Maquette.

Third years; Peng Cheng, Jiaxin, Haoming and Jingya have been exploring how to turn their computer generated Rhino models into physical ones, this model combines laser cut hexagons with match sticks, simply glued together.… Continue reading

Alex’s Bass Guitar.

I know, this thing has been made a while ago, but maybe it’s worth mentioning on here: Alex has started this bass as a part of his thesis, but it didn’t get finished… Continue reading